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COMING Week 1 2019



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  W L Win% Profit Profit Per Game
  55 34 62% 16.00 0.18

This group of games produced the most potential bets in the 2018 season. The 89  short list games met a combination of criteria that fell just short of our highest confidence bets. Yet of those games, 55 were winners with a profit of 16. 

For some perspective, of the 142 experts logged on in 2018, the most accurate was 62%.Our minimum confidence bets would have been in a three way tie for most accurate in 2018. 

So what about 2019?

Well, that is what we created We wanted to concentrate on helping you win your fantasy leagues at so we created a sister site for just NFL betting.

We will post all our predictions on so you can track our accuracy.

We will also have them all here with full transparency of outcomes along with examples of how much you would have won if you bet each our our short lists.

ALL bets will be posted here while the short list options will be fee based. We will likely be having all bets open without fee for the first couple weeks.