RANKED #12 OVERALL MOST ACCURATE EXPERT for 2012 Draft Boards on FantasyPros.com!

July 13, 2013 7:17 am Published by

FantasyPros.com is an industry leading accuracy site that ranks fantasy football experts on the accuracy of their predictions. Fantasyomatic.com has always done well in their rankings and last year we participated in their preseason DRAFT BOARD ACCURACY study.

They’ve detailed this extensively in the past and last week they unveiled the results of their latest study..and we are proud to announce that out of the top 109 fantasy football experts in the industry (including all CBS, ESPN, NFL.com, Yahoo and NBC staff experts) FANTASYOMATIC.com RANKED #12 OVERALL and in the TOP TEN in RB Rankings

Here are a few notes about their draft accuracy assessment:

  • They analyzed the preseason player rankings of over 100 experts this time around (see: methodology). That’s up from 84 experts in 2011 and 34 experts in 2010.
  • For the first time, you can view the accuracy of the Expert Consensus (ECR) as well as other popular expert combos that are available in our consensus rankings.

Here are the most accurate experts from 2012 ( here).

Fantasyomatic.com is about to release our “Pre-Training Camp” draft boards to FOLLOW US ON TWITTER for updates as we continue to provide you with some of the MOST ACCURATE predictions in the fantasy football industry…and all for Free!



FantasyPros 2012 DRAFT Accuracy Study